Thursday, 15 October 2009

Baby Come Dance With Me

So, last night was an absolute blast. Found out that Adam Green was playing a (not very well-kept) secret show at The Flowerpot in Kentish Town, so we headed down. The show was meant to start at 9pm, but I really didn't want to miss out, so we got there around seven. Good thing we did, cause around eight it was completely mobbed with a queue around the whole buliding.

It was just a brilliant show, with an electric atmosphere you don't get very often at gigs these days. Adam played with a full band and played a mix of newer songs and oldies, including classics like Jessica, Dance With Me and No Legs. It's a real shame I only had my phone with me, since I pretty much had the best position in the house for pictures.


I decided to try the video recording on my phone during Dance With Me, but the quality is really, really terrible. Anyway, you get the idea :)

Definitely in the best gigs of 2009 list.

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