Monday, 31 October 2011

Moustache of Insanity goes to Vienna

I've been neglecting this blog for the last month or so. Reason? Well, to be honest, I just haven't felt like writing about anything. But, this morning I thought it was time to get back into it.

First, some tour stories. The band I'm in, Moustache of Insanity, went to Vienna last weekend to play a couple of shows.

We left London horribly early on Thursday morning, meaning we arrived in Vienna feeling like shit. We got to our hostel, had a nap, drank some beer, practised some songs and wrote a set list. I also realised that my keyboard was not doing that well after August's blood-soaked album launch party. Fake blood and keyboards just don't go that well together.

In the end it didn't really matter. My keyboard was probably the least of our problems that evening, the biggest one being a drunken audience member. I can't remember her name, but she decided it would be hilarious to keep grabbing the mic, dancing on the stage and just being weird. I suppose it was pretty funny, to a certain extent anyway. In the end it was just annoying. She seemed to prefer our faster songs. Or at least I assume she did. During the slower ones she kept shouting "This is conventional bullshit". Anyway, I guess she did manage to divert attention from our set and obvious lack of practise.

We made it through the set, feeling reasonably satisfied. It wasn't great, but far from the worst show we've done. And people seemed to like it. Even drunk girl, who assured us that if she hadn't liked it she would have left the gig early.

In the end it was a great night. We met loads of lovely people and drank loads of Austrian beer. We even sold some records. Success!

On Friday we went exploring. Highlight of the sightseeing was a shop called Elektro Popp, run by a man called Konrad Popp. How awesome is that?

We also saw a bunch of awesome graffiti and a levitating man.

The levitating man was slightly more impressive before we figured his trick out. Well, at least we assumed we knew what was going on.

On Friday evening we played in our friend Costa's living room. This was an awesome show, much more relaxed. It probably helped that there was no weird girl shouting abuse at us during songs.

Jad Fair Drew Me A Duck

And Bill got to play an axe! A real axe. AXE!

Another day, another hangover…and more sightseeing. On Saturday, we saw a flak tower, bought some records and Bill wore a rather colourful cardigan.

That's about it. Sunday was spent recovering and wandering around Vienna…again. It's a cool place. We had loads of fun and hopefully we'll be back.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The night Math The Band brought the awesome to Tunbridge Wells

Third Math The Band picture post in a row. Sorry, but I just haven't really done much else worth writing about recently. Last night, the Wheatus tour party headed to Tunbridge Wells in Kent and it was another packed house. I imagine 95% of the people there would have had no idea of what to expect from MTB, so watching people's reactions as the first song kicks in is rather amusing. The faces in the crowd show a mixture of 'what the fuck is this', 'ouch, this is loud', 'what is happening' and 'wow, AWESOME!'. Personally, I stick to to 'wow, AWESOME!!', although it is also rather loud.

This was the last show I''l be able to go to. I've done three in the last three weeks or so. It's been kind of nice escaping London just to go see a gig, something I haven't really done since my friend's band played in Kingston three years ago.

Anyway, some photos...Kevin is hitting some seriously impressive air in the first one.