Thursday, 13 October 2011

The night Math The Band brought the awesome to Tunbridge Wells

Third Math The Band picture post in a row. Sorry, but I just haven't really done much else worth writing about recently. Last night, the Wheatus tour party headed to Tunbridge Wells in Kent and it was another packed house. I imagine 95% of the people there would have had no idea of what to expect from MTB, so watching people's reactions as the first song kicks in is rather amusing. The faces in the crowd show a mixture of 'what the fuck is this', 'ouch, this is loud', 'what is happening' and 'wow, AWESOME!'. Personally, I stick to to 'wow, AWESOME!!', although it is also rather loud.

This was the last show I''l be able to go to. I've done three in the last three weeks or so. It's been kind of nice escaping London just to go see a gig, something I haven't really done since my friend's band played in Kingston three years ago.

Anyway, some photos...Kevin is hitting some seriously impressive air in the first one.

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