Friday, 3 December 2010

The past few days of gigs (Bobby Conn, Withered Hand, Enderby's Room, Dan of Green Gables)

So, I was planning to publish my top-10 albums of the year yesterday, but that didn't happen. I'd quite like to have a podcast to go with it, so I just have to postpone it a little. Should be revealed at some point in the next couple of days though.

Some photos from the past five days...

Bobby Conn (Brixton Windmill, 27th November 2010)

I love Bobby Conn. I have seen him a number of times and he's never been less than amazing. It had been extremely quiet in Conn-land for the past few years, so I was very excited when the gig was announced. A kind of pseudo-'Don't Look Back' show, the band played the Rise Up! (soon to be re-released) in its entirety.

Unfortunately, I just wasn't in the mood. It was really busy and The Windmill is a bit awkward when it's mobbed.

Bobby Conn on myspace

Little Scream and Withered Hand (AAA, 1st December 2010)

Sorry, but I'm gonna moan again. Kensington is a pain to get to. And it was snowing and cold. On top of this, the bar was ridiculously expensive. The bands were great, however. Sadly, Viking Moses had to cancel due to border-crossing issues.

Little Scream

Withered Hand

Little Scream on myspace

Withered Hand on myspace

Enderby's Room and Dan of Green Gables (The Hideaway, 2nd December 2010)

I used to live just ten minutes walk from The Hideaway, but had never ventured inside. A shame really, cause it's a lovely bar, with a great basement for gigs.

Last night was promoted by Stroke Your Beard, who had covered the floor with astroturf, giving a lovely picnicky vibe to the evening.

Highlights were Enderby's Room and Dan of Green Gables.

Enderby's Room

Dan Of Green Gables

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