Monday, 24 January 2011

Video of the day (The Emotron - 80's Nightmare)

Jason Kyle Knight is The Emotron, a one-man electro-pop-punk freak fest. Kind of like Atom And His Package, with a more advanced package and crossed with GG Allin. I guess he is also slightly less likeable than Adam (but more likeable than GG). The music is always great, but occasionally the lyrics get a bit too crude in a stupid way. And live, can youtube it yourselves. It looks like an experience.

This song is off his 2007 (mostly) amazing album The Decemberwrist. It's very catchy and I find it rather impossible to not scream along to lines like "I hope you get cancer when you listen to The Cure" or "I hope Bret Michaels poisons your well". Hmmm. Yes. Mainly Safe for work viewing, apart from brief clip that's not safe to view anywhere.

The Emotron's latest album, Vampire Lunch Lady Tits was released last year and you should get it...or at least go into HMV and ask them to search for that album title in their system :)

The Emotron on myspace

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