Sunday, 3 April 2011

Upset The Rhythm's Spaghetti Tree weekend

I spent most of Friday and Saturday at The Bussey Building in Peckham. A former cricketbat factory, it was the venue of choice for Upset The Rhythm's Spaghetti Weekend live music extravaganza. Although John Maus and Dan Deacon were good on Friday, they didn't quite measure up to Saturday's performances. Woolf blew people away and confused them in equal measure. The kind of band that would probably work better in a smaller space and a bit later in the evening, they were still one of the highlights of the weekend.


After Woolf it was time for Please, a London 3-piece I'd been wanting to see for years. And wow, just wow. They were fucking incredible!

The calm before the storm. Michael from Please soundchecking.

They're playing at The Old Blue Last on Saturday together with Pheromoans. It's free and you'd be a fool to miss it. A damn fool!

And finally, Japanther. I've already used up all the superlatives for this band. They never disappoint. It was a short set, but messy and sweaty as hell.

FInally, I watched about half of No Age . They sounded great, but I just couldn't handle any more music. It was also ridiculously packed, so I made my way home, tipsy, sweaty, clutching my Japanther and Please vinyl. An awesome night.

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