Friday, 18 November 2011

Humousexual and Anguish Sandwich (live at Power Lunches, 17th November 2011)

Power Lunches is a nice little place on Kingsland Road, near Haggerston overground. It kinda reminds me of Cake Shop in New York, with a lovely cafe upstairs and a somewhat dingy (but nice) venue downstairs.

Last night, Humousexual were playing a London gig, something which doesn't happen very often. Last time I saw them was back in February when they played a bedroom in Notting Hill. Victor and Boitel were in great form, playing the hits, as well as some new songs. They have new CD out that you may or may not be able to order from Everard Records...and if you can then you should. I haven't had the chance to listen yet, but of course it's gonna be awesome.

A short youtube clip of Get On Yr Bike...

Later on, it was time for Anguish Sandwich. They played The Reading Festival this summer, as proven here by the official Reading Festival t-shirt.

Somewhere right between Henry Rollins and Descendents, which is not bad place to be on a t-shirt.

Anyway, they were awesome as usual and even treated us to some new songs.

They've been threatening to take their current EP off bandcamp, so hurry over and get while you still can.

Anguish Sandwich on bandcamp

A great evening with two great bands....and now it's Friday. It just gets better and better. Have a good weekend!

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