Thursday, 26 April 2012

Video of the day - This Many Boyfriends (I Should Be A) Communist

A few weeks ago I went up to Leeds to make a music video for the band This Many Boyfriends. It was a beautiful day, which was extra exciting since I was shooting it all on super-8.

We had a basic idea, but I wanted to keep it relatively loose. There's a fine line between being too organised and being too unprepared. I always feel it works best if you keep things a bit shambolic and just try to have fun. People enjoying themselves are so much more fun to watch than people deperately trying to look cool. And it's a music video. It doesn't have to make sense. So what if there's an accidental jump cut here and there. This happens more frequently when you're using super-8, especially if you don't have a shot list and don't write down what you've already shot.

A few hours later it was all done. Then the only thing you can do is wait. That's the horrible part, just waiting for two weeks. What if nothing comes out? What if there's something stuck in the camera gate?

Eventually, I got the film back and could relax. No problems, just beautifully saturated super-8.

You just can't beat super-8 on a sunny day. There's nothing quite like it.

(I Should Be A) Communist by This Many Boyfriends is released on seven-inch vinyl in May on Angular Records

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