Tuesday, 20 January 2009

London Pop Fest

Every great city needs a Popfest and now London has one. At a first glance the line-up doesn't look that interesting.....to me personally anyway. Many familiar bands, but nothing I've ever really listened to....actually, only four of the bands listed appear on my last.fm page. But, but, but...that's not necessarily a bad thing....and I am looking foward to it. It'll be fun.

So, I guess I could have just copied the line-up from the homepage, but what's the point in having a scanner if I'm not going to use it? This one was in my pocket after Friday's Wave Pictures show at Bardens.

So....through boyfriend obligations, I am definitely going to see Allo, Darlin' and Tender Trap. Then I'd quite like to see Colin Clary again, cause he's nice and also Liechtenstein perhaps. We'll see.

London Popfest website

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