Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's been a while...

So, chaotic re-cap of the past two weeks….GO!

Last week (3rd-7th April) we went to Berlin. It was AWESOME! Allo, Darlin' played an incredible set, Moustache played a reasonably coherent set and Mike and Paul played a couple of awesome stripped-down Hexicon songs. We drank a lot, walked a lot and ate a lot. Successful holidaying indeed. And we rented bikes! Woo! Some photos…

We drank some horrible green beer.

Did some sighseeing.

Elizabeth Darling

We started a Berlin biker gang.

Took over a playground.

Last Friday I went to Kingston all by myself. I'm not sure why, but I had this image of Kingston being a horrible, dirty, dangerous London suburb. In the end it was actually quite nice. I had one of the worst pizzas I have ever had the privilege of paying £10 for though. Hooray! Instead of cheese...or at least as well as cheese, they seemed to have put bechemel sauce or some other cheese sauce on top. It was not pleasant. Anyway, the reason I went was because my old friend and former bandmate Michael was playing with his new band, The Terrors. This was my first punk show for quite some time, so it was a bit of a nostalgia trip.

Finally...yesterday it was time for the Duke of Uke Easter all-dayer (or all-eveninger as it turned out). A bunch of awesome bands in an awesome little shop. It was an incredible evening. I only caught five bands, but from what I heard it was great all the way through. Great turn-out as well. It's a real shame that these kind of events don't happen that often in London.
It was really weird playing in daylight and being able to see the audience, but I think it went alright. People seemed to enjoy it (despite all the mistakes) and we sold a bunch of CDs. Woo.

Moustache of Insanity last night (photo by Anika)

Allo, Darlin' (with Monster Bobby)

OK, I think that's about it.

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