Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A (still pretty pathetic) "staying off the booze" experiment

After a few weeks of fairly constant drinking I'm trying to "stay dry" for a while. Even if I'm only on day five it is proving quite difficult. It seems alcohol is present in almost every aspect of my social life. Saturday was day one and Allo, Darlin' were playing at The Luminaire. The world was really against me. There was free "band beer", parents willing to pay for drinks and even a friend who mistakenly bought two pints and thus had a spare one. But, I managed to stay away from the fire water and stuck to Red Bull and Diet Coke. Yes, I hate most sugary drinks apart from the most sugary of all. Then, on Sunday we were playing a show at The George Tavern in Whitechapel. Again, I would normally have a couple of drinks, just to kill time or for some "Dutch courage", but I stuck with the Red Bull/Diet Coke again. The gig? Well, I found myself even more nervous than usual and unfortunately there wasn't even any improvement in my keyboard skills. If anything I probably messed up more than usual. Monday was easy cause we had no plans to do anything. Yesterday I went over to Bill's house to record some vocals for the new Moustache EP. He offered me a beer and I DECLINED. Go me!

Then in the evening I watched a documentary on BBC3 called Drinking With The Girls. It basically involved presenter Cherry Chadwyck-Healy going for a night out with every female age demographic from 14-year olds to pensioners. It wasn't a particularly good documentary as such, even embarrassingly bad at times, but it had glimmers of interesting bits. It wasn't pretty.

Today is day five and I'm going to the cinema in the evening. I will have four hours to kill after work, time that would normally be spent in the pub. Hmmm. What to do?

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