Friday, 22 May 2009

A sunny weekend? Please...

The weather was meant to be good, but as the clock ticks closer and closer to 5pm the clouds are descendig on Westminster like ants to a....err....lolly? Oh no, now it's sunny again. It's like whoever's in charge of the whole weather business is teasing us. Put on your coat, put it your bag, put it back on. I find it all very stressful. I would quite like to go away fro a day trip one of the days, but as usual the schedule is fully booked. Things to be done, people to see. The Moustache EP will be released next Saturday, so I really need to put my badge-making boots on if I'm ever gonna get them all ready in time. Saying that, I was very impressed with my myself last night, when I managed to make 78 badges!

There you go. 78 badges down, 82 to go.

The weekend, der Wochenende (or die/das? hmm), helgen....whatever it's called where you are...bring it on!

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