Monday, 29 March 2010

Guess what....another Allo Darlin' post

Photo by Simon Trought

The whole "save 6Music" thing doesn't sit quite right with me. I mean, obviously I'm supportive of anything that at least tries to be a bit different, support upcoming artists etc, but to me personally, radio has never really played a big part. I've never turned to radio for discovering new music, opting instead for zines (back in the days) and thank you lists on albums. These days, it's mainly blogs and myspace. So, it was with mixed feelings I joined the Allo Darlin troops at Broadcasting House on Saturday. I do feel a bit weird protesting for something I really don't know anything about....the only times I've actually listened to BBC6 is when Allo Darlin' have been that's twice.

And seriously, it was more of a gathering than a "protest". The weather was terrible, so the turn-out wasn't great....and to top it off....there was a group sing-a-long to The Beatles Hey Jude....with the organizers clevery having changed the words to "Save Six"....oh was just a tad cringe-worthy.

Anyway, Allo Darlin' played a couple of acoustic songs in front of Broadcasting House. The ukelele really isn't the loudest of instruments, so I doubt many people heard what was going on, but the people standing closest to the band seemed to enjoy it. 6Music...down with the evil Mark Thompson and all that jazz...

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  1. I'm with you on the whole radio thing. I've never found it interesting or special...