Sunday, 14 March 2010

It's on! - Texas, Day One - Best Fwends

So, my South by South West adventures have begun. Landed in Houston at around 1pm and spent most of the day just exploring the area. Looks like a nice place actually. There's a bunch of nice bars on Westheimer, along with a shitload of vintage clothes shops and thrift stores. Originally, I was going to go to the rodeo for that true Texas experience, but I got hold of a "what's on" type of magazine and saw that Best Fwends were playing at Mango's. So, I checked out a bunch of bars, had some food, spent an insane amount of money on beer and eventually went to the show.

I don't really know Best Fwends that well. I listened to their album a few times when I first got it, but it was always just a bit too loud and messy. Last night, though, after 28 hours of no sleep, a ten hour flight and plenty of beer, they hit just the right spot. Singing (well, screaming) along to a back-up track of 8-bit bleeps and fast beats and dancing with two giant inflatable gargoyles, it was...just a bit insane and an awesome start to the week! Unfortunately, in state of drunken confusion I deleted both of the two videos I shot of the band. Ah well. Might well go and see them again during the week.

Alright, Austin's calling.

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