Monday, 16 August 2010

Gig flashback - Help She Can't Swim (18th March 2006)

A conversation on twitter (with Eddie from the lovely Another Form Of Relief blog) just made me re-visit my old photo bucket account. I re-discovered Help She Can't Swim the other week, especially their brilliant first album Fashionista Saper Dance Troupe. I knew I had taken photos of them at some point and while harddrives have died, computers have been thrown out and/or updated and photo-CD's have been lost over the years, my old photobucket account remains...a bucket full of memories if you like. I have no idea why I uploaded such small versions of the photos at the time, but that's all there is.

Help She Can't Swim - live in-store at the old Rough Trade in Neal's Yard on 18th March 2006.

It was cramped, sweaty and completely awesome.

What can I say? Fermez la fucking bouche! The band broke up in 2007, but Tom still makes music under the name Lonely Ghosts.

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