Thursday, 1 March 2012

Music video of the day (The Wave Pictures - Eskimo Kiss)

I don't think I ever posted this one.

It's a music video I made back in January this year for The Wave Pictures. The song is Eskimo Kiss and it's from their upcoming album Long Black Cars, which should be out sometime soon-ish.

It was shot on super-8 negative film over a few hours one afternoon on Hampstead Heath in North London. The 'concept' was basically an adaptation of an old idea for a video, that I wanted to do for my own band...and then wanted to do for another band...and eventually ended up suggesting for this one. The original idea involved ninjas dancing with shopping trolleys, then it became brides pushing band members around in shopping trolleys and finally became people in animal masks pushing Jonny arond in a wheelbarrow. Not quite as exciting as ninjas and/or brides, but worked out pretty well.

One mistake I always do with super-8 is that I can't keep the camera still and keep moving it around too much...and then you get those annoying horizontal lines.

But, it is.

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