Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Best of 2009 and all that jazz

Everyone's doing it so I guess I should as well....while I still remember last year So, here it is…'ye olde best of 2009' list. However, since my memory is a bit rubbish, I'll just make it a big post with a bunch of names and gigs thrown in here and there....I think...we'll see how I get on and when I run out of juice...


Best gigs of 2009

Matt and Kim,Old Blue Last (1st June)
Matt and Kim are always great live, but this one was special. The Old Blue Last packed far beyond capacity and an amazingly enthusiastic crowd made this my favourite gig of the year. Kim crowdsurfed, Matt ripped off his back brace, the audience went mental. It was fucking ace.

Blur, Hyde Park (2nd June)
The biggest concert I've ever been to and just an amazing experience. I'm not a massive Blur fan, but this was a pretty incredible show. Best memory: a gazillion people waiting for Song 2 to kick in and when it happened, the stage and Hyde Park almost exploding with energy.

Adam Green, The Flowerpot (14th October)
This one was announced at the very last minute, which made it extra exciting. Adam's only headliner show was this free entry show at an otherwise pretty mediocre venue. Adam and Co were just amazing and the crowd loved it.

Jeffrey Lewis, Betsey Trotwood (20th February)

Another "secret" mini-show. I'm starting to see a connection here. However, a Jeff Lewis show at the Betsey was never going to stay secret for very long and there was of course queues around the building. I managed to get in to see the full Jeff Lewis band play a brilliant set on the tiny Betsey stage. One of the best shows I've seen them do.

Ryland Bouchard, Wilmington Arms (6th January)
I've been a fan of Ryland and The Robot Ate Me for years, so this was always going to be special. Real shame that almost noone turned up, cause Ryland played a magical set of old and new songs.

Art Brut, Indietracks (July)
Apart from playing on the train with Moustache, this was definitely the highlight of Indietracks 2009 for me. I'd never seen Art Brut and I was a bit scared I'd missed their best days. Turned out I was worrying about nothing, because Eddie Argos and Co turned the normally quite boring indoor shed stage into an ocean of excitement. Price for stage banter quote of the year goes to Eddie Argos for "Don't share your sweets with the Kings of Leon".

Sweet Baboo, The Betsey Trotwood (17th July)
Ok, so my own show, but it was everything I hoped for. Upstairs at The Betsey with a great crowd. Allo Darlin and Let's Whisper were both great as well, but it was my first Sweet Baboo live experience. Simply stunning and I can't wait to see him again in two weeks time.

Allo Darlin + Suburban Kids With Biblical Names + Vit Päls, Cosy Den @ Gula Villan (August)
This whole day was amazing, but by the time Suburban Kids and Allo Darlin played, the energy in that tiny little house was amazing.

Jonathan Richman, Bush Hall (28th March)
Didn't really know much Jonathan Richman until this night and what an introduction it proved to be.

Eagleowl, Betsey Trotwood (February)
The first official Records Make Great Pets night and what a way to start. We managed to squeeze in 70+ paying people downstairs at the Betsey, which has to be some kind of record. Eagleowl got the respect they deserve and the audience didn't make a sound during the songs. A sweaty and incredible night.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, The Luminaire (27th April)
CFTPA is always great. Half the show was a solo performance with songs requested by the audience and the second half was with a full band. Amazing.

Yo La Tengo, The Roundhouse (8th November)
Just loud and great.

I didn't really see many new films in 2009, but out of the ones I saw, the following comes highly recommended:

Anti Christ
Trash Humpers
Fantastic Mister Fox
500 Days Of Summer

Love In The Time Of Ecstacy – Withered Hand
Henry Rollins Don't Dance - Allo Darlin'

Withered Hand – Good News
Sweet Baboo – Hello Wave

Failed Attempts At Facial Hair - Girls, Friends and Girlfriends
Matt and Kim – Grand
Jeffrey Lewis – Em Are I

That'll do for now. Perhaps I'll add more later. Ahh...the wonders of the internet.

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