Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Music, music, music....

Finally starting to feel human again after an extremely busy and music-heavy weekend. It all kicked off on Thursady at The Luminaire with the Hexicon single launch party. It was great to see Hexicon at a proper venue, with proper sound and all that jazz. They boys were on top form, excited that the single was out and that an album release seems within reach. I can't remember exactly how long, but their album has been several years in the making. I've listened through it a good few times and I can only say it has been worth the wait. It sounds great!

Hexicon rockin out with guest appearances form Elizabeth of Allo Darlin and Virgina (former member of Allo Darlin')

The Luminaire is a difficult venue to fill and unfortunately there wasn't a huge amount of people there for the support bands, but by the time Hexicon hit the stage there was a respectable amount of people in the room. They played pretty much all the tracks off the upcoming album, and despite them all being great, the highlight for me was Cutting Limes, a newer song which hasn't made it on to the album, but which is absolutely incredible.

On Friday was my big night. Withered Hand at a completely sold out Wilmington Arms. Unfortunately Time Out did a biggish write-up of the gig after we had already sold all the tickets, so a fair few people showed up at the venue, only to be told they couldn't get in. But, I can't really complain too much. It was a sold out show after all.

Withered Hand soundcheck
Lofty Heights started off the evening with their melodic folky ballads. With a stripped-down set-up of only guitar and lap steel, it was a perfect start to the night. Sweet Baboo was great as usual, but unfortunately the room started to get a bit rowdy and a fair amount of people paid him no respect whatsoever and kept talking throughout his set. It was really a shame, since he is one of the most amazing British artists I've heard in a long time and really deserved better than that. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do in those situations, except for trying to tell people to shut the fuck up. Which I did. Anyway, he coped with it admirably and didn't seem too disappointed afterwards.

After two quiet bands it was time for Withered Hand, with a full band – drums, bass, guitar, cello, banjo, backing singers – the whole schebang. By this time, most people, myself included, had had a fair amount to drink and the band couldn't really do anything wrong. They stomped through pretty much every song I've ever heard (except the Christmas Song) and people were singing along and even requesting repeat plays. Finally, after a whole hour on stage and past the curfew for music they finished off the set with a cover in homage to Vic Chesnutt, who I'm sure you know recently passed away. A great ending to a great night.

On Saturday evening , we headed down to The Flowerpot on Kentish Town Road, where Internet Forever were playing a free show. Unfortunately, we got there in time to see the support band, who were one of the worst bands I've seen in a long time. The Flowerpot is an odd venue. It's not very nice and on a Saturday night any music venue with free entry in this part of town will be a bit of a "weirdo magnet". Anyway, Internet Forever took to the stage and played a short-but-sweet set to a not terribly excited audience. Not the best place for them to play and I would really like to see them at a proper venue…or just in a nicer place really.

Internet Forever

Apologies for photo quality. These were all taken with my phone. Proper photos from the Withered hand show should be up soon.

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