Friday, 11 June 2010

On the road with Allo Darlin' (photo diary, part 2)

Here it is...part 2...apologies for the delay. Some camera issues.

Soooo…..after another night at Casa Skipping Stones we headed down south towards New Jersey. By now, the driving, touring and eating habits were lowering morale a tiny bit. We tried boosting it by getting some doughnuts, but when you're used to Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts just isn't cutting it…proved here by this rare photo of Paul 'Thunder' Rains struggling to look excited, even with a doughnut in his hand.

Sadly, I didn't bring my camera for the Allo Darlin' show in New Brunswick. When I say "didn't bring" I really mean "I stupidly forgot" so there are no pictures from what was really a great evening.

Next up: WASHING DAY! Oh the excitement.

Round and round and round and round

On Friday it was time for another NJ show, this time in Jersey City, in an art gallery across the road from this rather impressive mural.

Allo Darlin' did their thing and it was all awesome. Go New Jersey!

Early rise againa nd off to Smittenland, or Burlington, Vermont if you like. The Satnav took us the scenic route, which involved.....

A BEAR... pie (and more doughnuts)...

...a ferry...and eventually...

We headed straight to one of several Smittens HQ's in Burlington, where an abundance of amazing food and booze was waiting for us. Yay!

The evening show in Winooski was loads of fun and, once again, Moustache managed to get through our songs.

Bill Moustache setting up

Moustache of Insanity

A Smile and a Ribbon

David Smitten kicking my ass at some arcade game

Allo Darlin'

The Smittens

In the morning we had pizza and Blood Mary's for breakfast...calling it flatbreads makes it feel alot healthier. Cheese and booze, cheese and booze, cheese and booze.

Then after alot of panicking about Canadian border crossing, we headed to Montreal....for more music....again

A Smile and a Ribbon

The Smittens

Allo Darlin'

Canada was nice....or the little of it we saw was nice. People looked exactly like they do in South Park The Movie....pretty much.

Then back to Vermont....for a final brunch....and then..

GOOD BYE....end of tour...

But not before we stocked up on SWEEEEEEEEEEEETS!!!!


We also had a bit of an accident after a run-in with a dickhead in a pick-up truck....and even got to meet a real State Trooper!!!

He had a cool hat and everything!

Back in New York, we had a few hours to kill and went to Ghostbusters fire station.

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood...

I bet they get plenty of prank phone calls.

The rest of Allo Darlin' left town , leaving me and Elizabeth to be tourists for a few days.

We did Coney Island, which was smaller than expected but awesome.

After a few days of shopping and doing nothing, we felt ready for some live music again. Two awesome bands playing in a house. It was a perfect way to end our New York adventures.


...and Nana Grizol, an old personal favorite

Eskalators myspace

Nana Grizol myspace

That's about it, really. We had a horrendously long journey back to London and will never fly American Airlines again....mainly for pretty much forcing me to watch The Tooth Fairy, something I wouldn't do to my worst enemy. I'm still jet-lagged and just want to sleep all the time. But it was a lot of fun. Alot of fun. Apart from The Tooth Fairy. Awful, awful, awful film.

Big massive mega thanks to everyone who came to the shows and said nice things to us and who helped out, by feeding us and letting us crash in their houses etc. You know who you are. There are spare beds all across London waiting for you when you need them :)

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