Friday, 4 June 2010

That Thursday that now seems like forever ago

So, a lot has happened since the Popfest weekend, but some of it is still reasonable fresh in my memory. Moustache of Insanity made their US debut at Spike Hill in Williamsburg on the Saturday. It was quite possibly the most shambolic set we have ever played, but it seemed to go down well. There were people filming and taking pictures, so I hope something will show up on the internet eventually.

For me Gold Bears were the highlight of the matinee show. They reminded me a bit of The Thermals, but poppier and more fun.

Gold Bears myspace

In the evening we decided to skip the Popfestivities. It was mega sold out and/or sold out anyway. Instead we headed to a warehouse party/gig in Brooklyn with Ninjasonik and Japanther on the bill. I absolutely love Japanther and seeing them on their home grounds was always going to be amazing. It was sweaty, loud, overcrowded and absolutely incredible. I tried taking some pictures, but the heat and humidity kind of shut my camera down....but you get the idea

For better pictures from that night, check out this flickr page, with photos by Tom Seelie

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