Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Internet Forever and Trouble Books at The Betsey

Despite it being tiny, hot and having loud trains going past all the time I do love The Betsey Trotwood. It's cosy and nice and feels busy even when it's not. As a result of some shambolic organising last night's show was only announced on Wednesday last week, giving people only a few days notice to find out, get tickets etc. But, there was a good bunch of people there and, being The Betsey, it felt busy.

Internet Forever played a pretty shambolic set, but when the songs are that good it doesn't really matter. I much prefer a messy set to a perfect one.

Then, it was time for Trouble Books. Straight off the plane for their first ever UK show, Keith and Linda got off to a bit of a slow start, due to jet-lag and some technical problems. Again, it didn't really matter - myself and the rest of the crowd were just happy to see them live. Sporting an impressive collection of pedals and electronic gadgets, they played songs from both albums, being charming, sweet and mesmerising at the same time. I find it very hard to describe their music. So many things come to mind. They remind me of loads of bands and still manage to sound like nothing else. Just brilliant.

They finished their set with my personal favourite, the over-before-you-even-realise-how-beautiful-it-is Personal Tornados. I thought I was all 'live music-ed' out, after months of heavy gig-going, but I was wrong.

If you have the chance to see Trouble Books, you really should. Who knows when they'll be back. They are playing in Manchester tonight and in Newcastle tomorrow.

Trouble Books on myspace

Internet Forever's blog/website/thing

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