Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Video of the day (Weezer - Memories)

So, there's a new Weezer album out. Despite the humongous disappointment that was Raditude, I was excited. Surely, Rivers and Co got their college-jock-rock-party anthems out of their system with that one? And then there was the lead single Memories. That gave me some hope. Sure, it's big and slick, but it's also a great, catchy, bouncy sing-a-long-ey Weezer song. And the chorus going "all the memories makes me want to go back there". Now there was some real hope. Maybe they'd even had a listen to the Blue album, Pinkerton, the Green album, hell even Maladroit, just as a reminder of what they used to sound like. So, I was excited to get my hands on Hurley, despite its awful cover., which in a way was kind of funny. Finally, they had also changed label to Epitaph, a record label I worshipped as a teenager and home to most of my then-favourites – Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise, Guttermouth etc. So, I was excited, almost expecting an accompanying press release stating that Raditude was a year-long April Fools joke and that I Can't Stop Partying contained the musical equivalent of Uma Thurman's five point palm exploding heart technique from Kill Bill. Sing along to the chorus five times and you die. Now that would be awesome. But, nope. It looks like Raditude was a real album...and the horrible party song was not an inventive way to destroy the jocks of America.

Hmmm...losing my train of thought here. Hurley...well, it's a mixed bag to say the least. There's Memories, Hang On and Run Away, which are all really good, but then there's also Where's My Sex? - a song every bit as awful as I Can't Stop Partying and so bad it prevents me from thinking about the album objectively. Although a couple come close there's nothing else quite as bad on there, and if you can manage to ignore these cringey songs, you'll be glad to hear that there are also bunch of really good songs. I guess that's one beauty of itunes - you can just delete the songs you don't like, create your own "complete discography" and just live in ignorance of the actual truth.

So, yes. Thanks Weezer. My 6-song version of Hurley is mostly excellent-ish. Well done!

Oh and the video for Memories is pretty fun….in a stupid Jackass way.

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