Friday, 16 December 2011

9 Days to Christmas (Withered Hand - Real Snow)

I saw Dan play this song at the Hangover Lounge a couple of months ago and I remember thinking it was so perfect and just beautiful. Now it's available as a video that's just, for lack of better words, also perfect and just beautiful.

Withered Hand has a new EP out on 7" in February and it is definitely one of my most highly anticipated new releases for 2012. I think you're meant to be able to pre-order it from the Fence Records website, but I just couldn't find any details of how to. However, It is very possible that I just wasn't looking hard enough.

It's not the first time Withered Hand has given us a Christmas Treat. Back in 2009, he gave us It's A Beautiful Lie, a song that is still available for download for free here.

Have a nice weekend. I hope it snows wherever you are.

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