Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Videos of the day (Nana Grizol - Galaxies/Blackbox)

I'm not quite sure why I suddenly felt the urge to stick Nana Grizol back onto my ipod. Maybe it's because I've been listening alot to Defiance , Ohio (of which singer Theo Hilton is also a member) or maybe it's because winter has finally hit London and I just needed some warming music. It is BLOODY FREEZING outside. Or maybe it's just because there's been a Nana Grizol shaped hole on my ipod that I've just been ignoring. Whatever the reason...I just love this band, I really really do.

Two beautiful songs, with accompanying videos made by band member Laura Carter (also of Neutral Milk Hotel).

Starting with Galaxies

And then Blackbox

Both songs are just perfect.

Aww...memories coming back of seeing them last summer in Brooklyn. Such a perfect evening.

Have a nice day and wrap up warm.

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