Thursday, 11 February 2010

California Dreaming

It's absolutely freezing outside and the summer seems veeeeeeery far away. But, what did I expect when I chose London? Anyway, in my head I've been living in California for the past few weeks and I thought I'd share some of the sounds that have been keeping me from going insane.

Let's start with Christmas Island, a band from San Diego that I've completely fallen in love with. Their most recent release, a seven-inch called Nineteen, is one of the best things I've heard in a long time. If I had heard it when it was released last year, both the a-side and the b-side would have been contenders for my songs of the year. This song is from their debut album by the same name, an amazing collection of near-perfect garage pop-punk-rock awesomeness. Think a lo-fi and slightly dead-pan and punky Beach Boys covered in distorted fuzz, with songs covering all important topics like love, growing old, partying until you black out and...dinosaurs. It's straight from the heart, extremely charming and despite the themes, never silly.

Christmas Island - Blackout Summer (mp3, Mediafire link)

Next up is Best Coast, a girl from Los Angeles, with songs that just scream "Sunny California" so much they even make the London weather seem ok. Mellow and catchy, Best Coast is a modern take on the Everly Brothers/Beach Boys or really just all things 60's. This song is from the Art Fag seven-inch and also brings to mind 60's girl groups like The Shangri-Las...which really isn't a bad thing.

Best Coast - That's The Way Boys Are (mp3, Mediafire link)

And finally, a band that needs no introduction, San Fransisco's Brilliant Colors. Now on Slumberland Records, they've been getting A LOT of coverage over the past year. Debut album 'Introducing...' is a great little boost of energy, sounding like a mix of the Shop Assistants, Vivian Girls and maybe a dose of Amelia Fletcher. However, it's the 'Make A Mess' EP that's closest to my heart. Much less polished than the album, it's over before you have time to tell anyone how great it is. Short but soooo sweet.

Brilliant Colors - I'm Sixteen (mp3, Mediafire link)

Both Christmas Island and Best Coast are playing South By South-West....just over a month to go!!! Yay! Yay! Now, go out and buy their records.....if you can find's proving rather hard :(

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