Monday, 22 February 2010

Christmas all over again

OK, so variety is the spice of life and so on...but I really can't stop listening to this album. I downloaded it in the beginning of the year and must have listened to it in its entirety at least once a day since then. Yesterday it became my first new vinyl purchase since the Trouble Books debut...whenever that was...2008? I also bought their Nineteen/Twenty-nine seven-inch, which at SEVEN QUID was a tad pricey, but it is also awesome, so...

Anyway, the band is of course Christmas Island, the album is Blackout Summer and you need it.

The below taster is probably the best song about dinosaurs ever....along with Tyrannosaurus Rex For Christmas by The Lovely Eggs....Christmas+dinosaurs=awesomeness...coincidence? I think not.

Christmas Island - Dinosaurs (mp3, Mediafire link)

Christmas Island myspace

Buy the album

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