Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Paul Baribeau

I've written about Paul Baribeau before, but he's absolutely amazing, so here we go again. Paul's a guy from Michigan and is currently releasing music on ubermega-fair-and-legit-DIY-with-some-erious-street-cred label plan-it-x, who is also home to a bunch of other awesome artists including Best Friends Forever and Ghost Mice.

He writes modern folk songs that are simple and instantly accessible, but also extremely moving. Every single song is straight from the heart, zero bullshit, no metaphors, just hard core emotions laid bare for whoever wants to listen. And listen you should, cause he deserves to be heard.

Most of his recordings are just him and an acoustic guitar, but he has also recorded some stuff with a full band, under the name Yikes Baribeau.

A few songs for you to sample, all through mediafire.

Paul Baribeau - Ten Things (from the album Grand Ledge)
Yikes Baribeau - Nervous Feet (From Yikes Baribeau - download the whole release for free from $Big Record Label$

You can buy his music from a variety of online outlets, but I would recommend getting it straight from plan-it-x

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