Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Video of the day (Bobby Conn - Angels)

Sooo....July is video month. I didn't think I would manage to do it, but it's going alright so far, with at least one video posted every day. It has meant, however, that I haven't really posted anything else. Hmmm. We'll try to sort that out. I have had a couple of exciting replies to interview requests, so hopefully I should be able to get some of those up in the not too distant future.

So, video of the day. I wonder if people will be able to watch this without being signed in to youtube. It contains "content that might inappropriate for some users" you see.

Bobby Conn is an old favorite of mine and a colourful character to say the least. It's been rather quiet around him for the last few years. He released his last album King For A Day in 2007 and since then, nada, zilch, nothing. It is a shame, because the world definitely needs people like Bobby.

According to his myspace page there has been a bit of action in Bobby-land recently. Apart from mentions of a possible UK tour in June there's also a mention of an upcoming new album, Macaroni. I guess I should visit his myspace a bit more regularly.

This video is from an old album, which is also one of his best, The Golden Age.

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