Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Video of the day (Refused - New Noise)

The Shape Of Punk To Come is an incredibly important album for me personally. I guess it was, if not the album, at least one of the albums that made me realise that there was no valid reason why a punk album had to sound a certain way and a hardcore album had to sound a certain way. Here was one of the best punk AND hardcore albums ever made and it sounded like nothing else I'd ever heard. Sure, you could hear the influences, but Refused never really copied other bands. They took their influences and wore them proudly on their sleeves and created their own unique sound.

I must have watched the video for New Noise at least a hundred times. It's not my favorite Refused track, but it is the one that sums up the band best, a mixture of all the parts that made them so incredible. Just the intro is amazing. Lasting one minute and ten seconds, starting fast and then slowing down and you really have no idea what to expect. It's got to be building up to something, right? And then, BAM! Dennis grabs the mic and goes 'Can I Scream!' and oh yes he certainly can. Then the shit really kicks off.

Definitely in my list of top videos of all time. Bands "playing live" in their videos very rarely work. This is one of the rare occassions where it does work and it looks fucking amazing.

The Shape of Punk To Come has just been re-released in a Deluxe edition, containing extra live CD's and a DVD. Oh yes. Definitely worth investing in if you have any sort of interest in punk/hardcore music.

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