Thursday, 15 July 2010

Video(s) of the day (Ryland Bouchard / The Robot Ate Me)

Ryland Bouchard used to be make music as The Robot Ate Me. Under both these names he's released some of the most stunningly beautiful music I have ever heard. It's been called baroque pop, whatever that means. It's poppy, it's folky, occassionally really weird, but always completely mesmerising. He also puts an incredible amount of effort into the artwork his releases. The last one I bought, his Seeds box set, came in a wooden hand-carved box and contained, two CD's with A-sides and B-sides in handsewn cases, a DVD with short films/videos, four seven-inch records, hand screen-printed t-shirt, poster and tote bag, as well as some beautiful art prints. It's all absolutely incredible.

And the music....there's 'floury' nudity in the second video, so please cover your eyes if naked bits and bobs give you nightmares.

Ryland Bouchard official website

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