Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Gig flashback - Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies (Scala, 9th June, 2005)

Bobby Conn has been suspiciously quiet the last few years. He released his last album, King For A Day, in early 2007 and then he seemed to vanish off the face of the planet. The internet suggest that he became a dad and took a step back from music, so I guess we'll go with that as an explanation. Anyway, HE'S BACK! There's word of a new album and he's playing the Brixton Windmill on 27th November. Apparently, he will do a 'Don't Look Back'-style show and play his Rise Up! album from 1998 in its entirety. You should really try and make it to this show. Bobby is an incredible performer and his shows are never less than fucking amazing.

The photos below are from summer 2005, when he played the Scala in London.

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