Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Les Savy Fav live (Electric Ballroom, 22nd November 2010)

I remember going to punk gigs as a teenager and how exciting everything seemed. It was never really about what songs got played or how well they were played. It was just so exciting to be in the same room as your favorite band and watch them play. It's a rare thing indeed to experience the same excitement as an adult, but Les Savy Fav came pretty damn close last night. Tim Harrington is an amazing frontman...perhaps the best in music today...and crowd interaction is very much top of his agenda. The set list at a Les Savy Fav show doesn't really matter...as long as there's room (and there always is) for the obligatory The Sweat Descends of course. The music is more there to provide a beat to the interaction between band and crowd. It was a beautiful sweaty mess of a show, with the crowd going crazy and Harrington going everywhere, making sure every person in the room got the full experience. All over the floor. Up on the lighting rig and upstairs to the balcony. It's been a long time since I've seen so many sweaty, smiling faces...both during and after the show.

I didn't bring my camera and only have a few blurry iphone photos from what was a truly amazing performance and straight into the top-3 of the year. Just awesome!

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