Friday, 12 November 2010

Withered Hand live (Silver Bullet, 11th November 2010)

It had been almost a year since I saw Withered Hand. It was at the Records Make Great Pets night at The Wilmington Arms (photos here) and despite all the equpiment drama and stress that goes with putting on shows, it was such a brilliant night. Last night I wasn't involved, so I could just stand back and enjoy the show.

Playing as a three-piece Dan and Co were in good form, stomping through most of the "classics", including an amazingly shambolic version of Religious Songs, along with some new songs.

Set-list (fairly accurate)
New Dawn
I Am Nothing
No Cigarettes
Panda Eyes
Religious Songs
Love In The Time Of Ecstacy
Heart, Heart
Wonderful Lie
My Struggle
Hard On (which they didn't get round to playing because of time constraints)

It was a great performance as usual. The sound at the Silver Bullet is rather tinny and horrible, but it didn't matter. London seems to have really taken to Withered Hand and the audience were singing along to their hearts' content.

In the end, the silly London 11pm curfew ended the show. I guess we're used to it, but this time it was even more annoying than usual. The band were ready to hit the stage earlier than their given time, but the DJ's would not allow them to start. Obviously the main reason we go to gigs is so we can listen to the music in between bands. Stoopid.

Dan is back in London in December, when he'll be playing on his own in support of Viking Moses at The Luminaire. That is bound to be an incredible show. A full-band Withered Hand tour is currently being planned for early next year, but more on that in a bit.


  1. Quite how Withered Hand managed to sound INCREDIBLE in that rubbish venue is a miracle in itself. I could watch them every night! 'Heart, Heart' sounded amazing. Lovely photos, Nik, and it was great to see you.

  2. Thanks! Great seeing you too. 'twas hard taking photos...the lighting was annoying. I really liked the new songs. Can't wait to hear them recorded!

  3. I put on this show as part of the Idle Fret club night and unfortunately the 11pm live music curfew is beyond our control, that's down to the venue's live music licence. I'd have loved to have had Withered Hand play for longer, I really like them, thats why I booked them. They played a great set!

    We book good DJ's so that there is decent music on between the bands and in this instance it was James Endeacott who signed The Strokes and The Libertines to Rough Trade. It was not that we wouldn't allow Withered Hand to start at all and they got to do a 50 minute set.

    All the money we made on the night went to the bands so you were able to see Withered Hand in London in the first place, which is a rare trip right now.

    I'll pass on your comments about the venue and sound to the owner, we've never had any complaints before though.

    Thanks for coming to the show...

  4. Hi there,

    My name's Tom and I run the Silver Bullet - I'm really surprised to see these comments about the poor sound quality at the venue.

    We've had nothing but positive feedback about the quality of the sound from bands, promoters & soundmen since we opened. I can only think that there must have been an individual issue on the night - which is not representative of the usual live sound that is produced at the venue.

    Apologies if your experience wasn't great - please feel free to drop me a line if you want to pop down again and I'll happily put you on a guest list and buy you a beer to say sorry - and hopefully show you that our sound is normally tip top quality!

    As for the curfew - it's an annoying council rule that is beyond our control - we'd love to have bands play later, but we'd get in a lot of trouble - sorry!

    All the best,