Wednesday, 11 March 2009

the first blog post of my 30's

So, the first day of my thirties. Yesterday doesn't count, since it was my actual birthday. Today, it's a fact. I'm a little surprised, disappointed even, that it didn't hit me like a heads-on collision with a brick wall. I don't feel any different. But thinking about is strange. Thirty. 30. The big three-oh. It doesn't sound quite right. Hmmmm.


On Friday, Moustache of Insanity headed to Brighton for our very first "outside London" gig. We were playing as part of a club night called Shindig! at a bar called The Hope. Shindig! is a monthly night and each night has a different theme. This time it was:

Thinking of dead people and then trying to look like them seemed to involve a bit too much effort, but we had to do something. In the end I went for the old zombie-bear-angel look, while Bill opted for the more general zombie make up face thing.

It sounded pretty good as well....I think...

Actually, the whole set went surprisingly well, despite the fact that we hadn't practised for a while, we sold a bunch of CDs and people in general seemed to like us. Also, I have decided to forgive Travelodge for being so utterly useless and rubbish. How can anyone hold a grudge against a soulless "hotel" chain when they give you a view like this!

Then on Monday, we went to see a preview of Marley & Me in the cinema. I was expecting to really hate this film, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. It was sweet and funny and just really likeable. Not a life-changing experience by any means, but what movies are these days?

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