Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Recording like mofos, Cardiff etc

Moustache of Insanity have been spending a fair bit of time in the studio recently. With "a fair bit" I mean we have sat down to record at least three times in the last few weeks, and with "studio" I mean Bill's living room. It's extremely satisfying actually, the whole song-from-scratch-to-finish in a day. Last week we recorded Living Room Picnic, another brand new song. I wrote the lyrics on my way to work, hummed up a melody on my lunch break, hummed it to Bill around 5:30pm, he thought of the guitar parts and pretty much everything else, then less than two hours later, we have a pretty decent-quality demo. I'm a bit worried that the melody sounds a little too much like David-Ivar Herman Dune's Burn Burn, but hopefully it won't be too close. Anyway, that's what we're doing at the moment. Trying to write and record as many songs as possible for the next month. Then pick the best songs to fill a 23 minute mini-CD and then record those "properly"....obviously still in his living room, but just take a bit more care doing it. The CD should be out in May on WeePOP! Records and that is pretty much the most exciting thing ever.

I went to Cardiff with Allo, Darlin at the weekend. Cardiff is a strange place, much smaller than I imagined and unfortunately I got a bit of a bad vibe from the place. I'd like to think that this was mainly due to the fact that Wales was playing some other country at rugby and as a result the city centre was full of extremely drunken rugby fans...from the early afternoon onwards. The city itself seemed nice, but yes, the rugby kind of put a damper on the whole experience. Allo, Darlin was great as usual, but again, some drunken guy at the venue was being very loud and annoying. And you know, the uke really isn't the loudest of instruments. So, that was a shame, but these things happen. Freezepuppy was supporting, which was quite an experience. A really engaging performance, but very strange and truly unique. I hope to go and see him when he comes to London on 28th March.

The gig was part of a club night called Twisted By Design and they were responsible for the club afterwards. I found it hard to leave the dance floor, cause the hits kept coming: The Moldy Peaches' Who's Got The Crack, several Of Montreal tracks, Hefner's Hymn For The Cigarettes, Pulp's Babies and so on...all great fun...and then afterwards, we finished up the night the best way imaginable....CHIPS.....CHEESE...AND BEANS!! Go Cardiff!

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