Friday, 19 June 2009

Pop, pop, poppety pop

On Thursday it was time for eagerly awaited 'Records Make Great Pets/WeePOP! Anniversary' extravaganza at The Wilmington Arms. I had spent the day in Brussels and was panicking about making it back to London in time. When I eventually got there, it turned out there had been some mix-up with the sound engineer and...well...noone had been booked. Luckily, the guys at The Wilmington were brilliant and managed to sort it out, getting an engineer down on very short notice.

After a quick soundcheck, Moofish Catfish kicked off the evening's music. Their new album is brilliant and they played quite a few songs off it. It's called Yours To Share and all the songs (and more) are available as free downloads on the Moofish page.

Moustache of Insanity were up next and I think we did pretty well. People seemed to enjoy it. Well, apart from some guy on livejournal, who wasn't quite sure what to make of us and seemed a bit annoyed that we kept making mistakes. Haha.

Anyway, in the end this was Allo, Darlin's night. The Henry Rollins Don't Dance single was finally out (it looks and sounds brilliant) and the band was in good form. Since Mikey the Drummer was in Australia, Johnny from the Wave Pictures was on drumming duty and he did an excellent job. The band's getting tighter and tighter and the songs are getting better and better, so it looks like a very bright future indeed for Allo, Darlin.

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