Thursday, 25 June 2009

Some special sounds indeed

I'm still a bit bummed that I missed Shonen Knife at the Windmill last night. I've wanted to see them for ages and I had actually bought tickets (two even), but instead I heard Greenwich calling me...and I just couldn't resist. Monster Bobby was hosting his first Special Sounds night at Oliver's Music Bar and with Elizabeth being part of the night's line-up I felt obliged to attend.

Oliver's is a cosy little bar, tucked away underneath a restaurant on Nevada Street. Judging from the posters on the wall, they normally host jazz acts, so I don't know what they made of the evening's truly eclectic mix of cabaret-electronica-uke-pop. I assume they were happy, cause the night attracted a fair amount of people.

Monster Bobby himself started off the evening with his electro-crooner-pop. It's always a pleasure to see Bobby and last night was no different.

Xylitol was up next, with his light-hearted industrial electronica, playing a mixture of his own creations and covers by people I have never heard of. A bit strange, sure, but still hugely enjoyable.

It's been a while since Elizabeth played a solo show, but with the size/layout of the venue and the sit-down nature of the evening it just made sense. A brilliant set, with a new song (even to me!) thrown in.

The last act of the evening - Stuart Flynn's Dear Britch. Electro-cabaret I suppose would be a reasonable description. At first it reminded me a bit of Bobby Conn's weirder moments....kind of...but not really....great anyway.

When you live in North London, late nights in Greenwich are a real pain-in-the-ass and it's always depressing walking to the DLR knowing that you have an hour and a half of trains/tubes/walking until you get home. So, I'm absolutely knackered (again) today, but it was all worth it. Unfortunately I won't be around for the next night, which takes place on the last Wednesday of July, but I'm sure it'll be equally interesting. London needs more nights like this.

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