Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another awesometastic show coming up!

That's right. We're putting on yet another show and this one should be very special indeed.

We're doing it upstairs at The Betsey, which is a lovely little room. It should be great. Come and join the fun.

Sweet Baboo will, or should if there's any justice in the world, be massive this year. With an extremely impressive summer of gigs ahead of him (Truck Festival, Green Man etc) and an amazing new album we're extremely excited about having him with us. Simply gorgeous folky pop songs.

Allo, Darlin' has played every night I've put on and here they are again. They just keep getting better and better. With a great new single under their belt, this should be another great show.

One word to describe Let's Whisper: cute. But, not annoying cute, just awesome 'fluffy kittens and puppies and ice creams and hugs' cute. Acoustic lovelyness that's catchier than...I was going to say swine flu, but that would be just really catchy.

Sweet Baboo myspace
Allo, Darlin' myspace
Let's Whisper myspace

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