Monday, 27 July 2009

Indietracks makes me want to rock out!

That's it. Indietracks 2009 is over. Three days of far too much booze and not enough sleep...but also three days of amazing fun and great music. I must say I was a bit worried beforehand, with Elefant Records being involved and all that. I guess I feared that with bigger names on the bill, it just wouldn't be as nice and cosy this year. But, in the end it was pretty damn awesome again. Sure, I missed some things, but then some things were improved, so you win some, you lose some. I missed the spontaneous late-night platform gigs from last year, but we did them in the marquee instead, so it didn't really matter. And no tea tent (meaning no tea tent gig surprises) either. Anyway, it was an ace weekend.

Some personal highlights...

Friday is a bit of a blur, but I did have an awesome time. I remember catching bits of Au Revoir Simone and they sounded lovely. Caught up with the Smittens gang and we all danced like loons to cheesy 80's pop classics in the shed. I went to the bathroom and heard Dream Bitches' Maniacal Mechanic being played in the marquee, which made me develop a giant cheese-eating grin. I love that song. In there, I remember drunkenly wondering whether the flourescent tubes on the table in the marquee were tubes of sherbet or glow sticks. I soon found out that they were full of sugary goodness. Oh and Silke gave me a Pop Kombinat tote bag. Yay! Back to the tent for drinking and funness.

Saturday was when it really started. It was hard leaving Little My in the middle of their set, but I just had to see Let's Whisper on the train. And they were awesome.

Dana and Colin on the platform before the show.

I'm sure they get awfully tired of always getting requests for the ice cream song, but it still makes me so happy.


The rest of the Saturday went by quickly. The Lovely Eggs were rather brilliant in the church, despite the fact that they didn't play their amazing Christmas song. I guess it was July. Tender Trap were great on the main stage. Watched from Camera Obscura from afar whilst eating a yummy curry.
The Tender Trap gang

Malcolm from Eagleowl (who were sadly not playing)

After working a bit on the merch stand and watching Emmy The Great, it was time for my highlight of the day, the "secret" marquee gig. Members from One Happy Island, The Smittens, The Just Joans, Allo Darlin and Moustache of Insanity took it in turns to play a song or two to a packed tent.

This was seriously amazing....

Afterwards we headed back to the campsite and finally managed to get into the disco tent. Dancing, dancing, drinking, drinking....then eventually...sleep.

Sunday and I started getting nervous pretty much immediately. What if nobody would show to our train show?
Bill Moustache in front of the wheely thing.

Anyway, we watched a bit of The Smittens and headed to the platform. To our surprise the place was packed. The train was early but we all piled on. Our set seemed to go down well. When the train came back to the platform, we realised we had taken the wrong train and there was even more people waiting for we stayed on the train and played another set for them. It was much quieter, but also really nice. All in all I think we played for one hour and ten minutes and got through 19 songs. That was quite some PRS form to fill in.

Sadly this meant we missed the Talulah Gosh set, but you know....these things happen.

After the giant set we dropped of our stuff I got back to merch tent and realised that pretty much all our records had been sold. Woo zaa!

And of the big highlights of the weekend. Art Brut in the shed. AMAZING!

Elizabeth and Pete

Elizabeth and The Smittens trying to decide whether to brave the rain for Teenage fanclub.

We were a bit wimpy and had an early more dancing.
Elizabeth playing football with Little My.

Monday....all over....brekkie...packing up a soggy tent....

365 days or so to go to the next one.

Thank you Stuart and everyone involved for an incredible weekend.

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  1. What a lovely summary! I think this year may even have been more fun than last year - and thanks for putting your DC Comics video up! There are so many photos on the indietracks flickr where you can see me trying to lean away from a flailing Argos... Hannah x