Thursday, 9 July 2009

That was rather awesome...

The Lucksmiths final show, with support from Daniel Kitson and Allo Darlin. Such a lovely evening. It started off rather bizarrely, when we walked into a dodgy strip joint by mistake. Seriously! We mistook it for a weird old man's pub, which would have been much preferable to all the generic gastro-lounge-nonsense bars around the Scala. The first thing I noticed was a sign that said "No Photos", which I thought was a bit odd. But, you know...maybe their clientele just didn't like tourists or whatever. Then a girl wearing not much more than her pants walked past and we realised what we'd just done. So, we left, giggled a lot and went somewhere much more forgettable.

Anyway, the gig was great. There was already quite a crowd inside when Allo Darlin hit the stage and the band was in great form. Heartbeat Chilli was a particular crowd-pleaser, but all their songs went down a storm. Daniel Kitson was super nervous about being a comedy middle act at a pop show, but he did an awesome set. The Lucksmiths were great as well and provided more than enough reasons for me to start familiarising myself with their albums.


Mike and Bill hide during a drum/bass-free song.

Daniel Kitson managed to get the pop kids' attention. Absolutely brilliant.

And the headliners themselves...

Class photo! All the artists, promoters and some randomers! Woot

Now it's the weekend. Twee as Fuck alldayer tomorrow with Allo Darlin and Tender Trap. Yay! Even though the Twee as Fuck peeps never reply to my emails I shall try to enjoy myself.

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