Monday, 1 June 2009

tour monkeys

So, we just finished our first "tour", if now three shows in a row is enough to deserve the tour label. First, we played at The Wilmington Arms in London on Thursday. It was a strange show, not the type of night we normally play. I like to think that we confused the hell out of the "strangers" in the audience. They didn't really know what to make of us, which I kind of like. It felt awful up on stage, but after speaking to people it would appear that we did alright.

On Friday we headed to Manchester for a show at veggie café FUEL, organised by Dan and Hannah of the lovely Pull Yourself Together. This was a completely different affair. A lovely venue with a lovely and receptive audience. We sold a bunch of CDs and got some good feedback. Woo! Also playing that same night were the lovely uketastically bearded Jam On Bread and technically impressive 8bit-button-pressing-electro-folk troubadour Pagan Wanderer Lu. They're both great, so it was a brilliant night. We stayed up a bit too late, drank a bit too much and looked at disturbing pictures of Burt Reynolds on the internet.

After sleeping far too little we stuffed our faces with sandwiches from Greggs and set off towards Edinburgh for a show at the infamous Henry's Cellar Bar. Apparently the toilets from the upstairs pub used to leak and drip down onto the stage. Nice. They had sorted this issue though and the night went without any "incidents". Also playing were Conquering Animal Sound, who completely blew my mind, and Cancel The Astronauts who pretty much rocked my socks off.

On Sunday we had been in talks about playing a BBQ in Manchester, but after getting up too late and getting lost among sheep and Scottish mountains we aborted that plan.

Now I'm absolutely knackered, but all in all, the first Moustache "tour" was a success. Hurray!

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