Monday, 11 October 2010

Andrew Jackson Jihad live (The Gaff, 8th October 2010)

So I finally got to see Andrew Jackson Jihad play live. At The Gaff of all places! I've walked past this bar on Holloway Road a number of times and always thought it looked pretty damn horrible, but Friday's show was the first time I'd actually been inside. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. Just a normal rock bar.

I like going to gigs where you don't recognise a single person, especially when it's a band you love. It can get a bit boring seeing the same people everywhere you go and it's nice to know that we don't all listen to exactly the same music.

The band were absolutely great. It actually got quite rowdy in there, despite the band playing as a two-piece, with just an acoustic guitar and a double bass.

Here's a shaky video I shot on the night. Apologies for video/sound quality. The songs are Candle In The Wind (Ben's Song) and People.


  1. Thanks for this! I had such a great time at this gig. Do you by any chance have any more photos? Would love to see them :) Cheers

  2. Hi there. It was an awesome show! I've put the rest of my pictures up on flickr -



  3. thanks, that's perfect! good memories.