Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Jonathan Richman live (Water Rats Theatre, 9th October 2010)

Water Rats on Saturday. It was packed. Jonathan threw an anti-air-conditioning hissy fit, so it was boiling hot. He played I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar. It was great. That's all.


  1. He only played two songs which i recognised Egyptian Reggae and Lesbian Bar. he seemed happy and the crowd loved it, except for a couple, she had long plaits, who kept saying shush to the rest of the crowd for clapping along and generally having a good time.Perhaps they were recording it.
    He left the stage for about 5 min while the management turned off the Air conditioning which could be heard over the well balanced PA system.
    A brilliant concert.

  2. I recognised those two as well...and also the Vincent van Gogh song. It's nice to hear new songs, though. The Rolling Stones song was great...and the one about suffering.

    I kinda felt he seemed grumpy at the start, but then he seemed to relax a bit after the a/c drama.