Thursday, 7 October 2010

Of Montreal live (Camden Koko, 6th October 2010)

I was a bit scared about going to see Of Montreal last night. I love them to bits, but the last show I saw left me quite disappointed. It was at Shepherd's Bush Empire last year (I think) and the sound was terrible...and it was really weird crowd...and not in a good 'Of Montreal weird' kind of way.

Anyway, last night was brilliant; definitely one of the best shows I've seen them do. The stage show was not as over-the-top insane as their last show at Koko a few years back, but compared with other 'indie' bands...well, there's no comparison really. Men in fish-with-gasmasks outfits, men in full-body spandex suits (wearing gas masks) etc was proper WTF show. The band were on good form, with Kevin swigging champagne from the bottle on stage and going into the crowd on multiple occasions. And they played a good mix of new and old songs (The Party's Crashing Us, She's A Rejecter, Heimdalsgate..., For our Elegant Caste, Coquet Coquette to name a few), which was nice since I haven't listened to False Priest yet. And the encore song was 'The Past Is A Grotesque Animal' in all its ten-minute glory. Just completely awesome.

As usual there was alot of 'photards' in the audience, so I'm sure the internet is full of terrible pictures from the show. I didn't bring my camera, but did take a couple of terrible blurry phone pictures myself. Yup.


  1. Ha, I think I'm in the last photo! I went to both these gigs too, and I don't know, I loved them both. I think I preferred the Shepherds Bush one because I was right at the front and just buzzing with excitement the whole time. Saw them at Koko for the first time a year or so prior to Shepherds Bush and was stood at the top, feeling way too far from the action. I totally agree it was far less over the top than that which in a way, I was kind of sad about. Seeing The Past is a Grotesque Animal for the encore was pretty much one of my favourite moments ever! I involunatarily screamed when I realised what it was haha

  2. Hey! I had to think why I didn't like them so much at Shepherd's Bush. I just remember the crowd really putting me off. It happens some times. Still, a crap Of Montreal show is still alot better than most other bands ever do. Koko in 2007 is probably my favorite show tho. I was right in the middle of a massive Of Montreal obsession, (it has taken me five years for any other artists to come even near in my stats) and it was the first time I saw them.