Friday, 25 February 2011

Cloud Nothings (CAMP Basement, 24th February 2011)

I'd never been to CAMP Basement before, but the place was a pleasant surprise. Decent view from wherever you were standing, good sound and a bit grimey looking. Like a good venue should be really.

Unfortunately we arrived while the first support band were still playing. I have no idea what they were called and have absolutely no desire to find out.

Anyway, Cloud Nothings were great. I thought it would be a case of them just playing all the album songs, but in the end they probably played more "new songs" than songs off the record. Their drummer was especially great. Mesmerising in a wow-Animal-from-the-muppets kinda way.

I'm hideously hungover and my left ear is still ringing so I will keep this short. But, it was a great gig and I'm now looking forward to seeing them again at Primavera in May.

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