Thursday, 10 February 2011

Withered Hand, Standard Fare and Tigercats live (Catch, 9th February 2011)

Putting on shows can be extremely stressful. I tend to panic for months in advance about not selling enough tickets or, in the case of last night, panic about selling too many. Last night's show should really have been at a bigger venue, but it just didn't work out that way. I do think it's quite nice seeing bands play different places, though, and with venues closing all over London it's nice to support the smaller ones and spread it out a little. I hadn't been upstairs at Catch for about five years and I was a little terrified when I saw the size of the place, knowing how many tickets I'd sold. But, all worked out in the end. Managers/owners were all amazing, very accommodating and helped it all run smoothly. It was pretty damn mobbed in there, but I much rather see a band play a packed smaller venue than a half-full big one.

Anyway, the show. Three of my favorite bands in one night. It was just as great as I hoped it would be.

Tigercats kicked off the evening, playing a bunch of new songs, that I really can't wait to hear on record. Word on the street is that a bunch of new songs have been recorded/mixed and that a weePOP! seven-inch is happening in the not-too-distant future.

Next up was Standard Fare, a band that's impossible not to love. Their songs are just so fucking good. And the songs from the new single sounds amazing as well (you can and should buy it here)

Finally, Withered Hand. The third time I'd seen them in as many months, but I could really watch them every night. They are sooooo good.

Instead of just always apologizing for the terrible sound/video quality I should really just get myself a better video recordery thingymabob. One day. Anyway, here's a clip from last night of Love In The Time of Ecstacy

A brilliant night. Thanks to all the bands for playing. And thanks to the crowd for squeezing together and being all lovely.

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