Friday, 18 February 2011

Video of the day (Superchunk - Fishing)

I spent this morning counting down the seconds to 9am when ATP tickets went on sale. I should really have known that a Jeff Mangum curated festival wasn't really gonna sell out in seconds. But, the site kept crashing and timing out. When I finally got through I ended up paying the full price instead of the early bird price, which at the time of my booking was still available. So, I cursed the ticket company, shouted at the computer, ate some crisps and finally called customer services. They ordered me a new, now discounted tickets and said they would refund my previous booking. I really hope they do as soon as possible, cause at the moment this means £2,200 will have left my bank account this morning and that stings more than a little.

BUT, I got my tickets in the end. They can add whoever they want to the line-up now. Jeff Mangum and Superchunk is enough for a brilliant December weekend.

Today's video, Superchunk's Fishing from 1992.

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