Thursday, 12 February 2009

Weezer winter warmer

I've been listening alot to the second disc on the special edition of Weezer's Blue album. Normally, Weezer is the definite summer band, but for some reason I've taken to them early this year. They've been keeping me warm on the freezing bus journeys to work and even colder walks home. The second disc is a lovely addition to an already brilliant album, filled with b-sides (including Suzanne, perhaps my favorite Weezer song ever) studio outtakes and live recordings. If you don't have it already, you can get it here or at a gazillion other places.

I'll put up a song or two when I get back this evening.

Last night I realised how fascinated I have become by pointless statistics. I blame the internet for this. Before the introduction of to my life, I had no desire to know exactly how many times I had listened to a certain song or band on a particular day. With the constant updates it's even worse. I remember when it was called Audioscrobbler and was updated very sporadically. Instead of checking it every hour, word seemed to spread on blogs, messgaeboards and IM - " Audioscrobbler has been updated!". Haha. Then it all got a bit more advanced. I can't remember if this was before took over, but it started getting updated regularly every Sunday. I remember sittin waiting for the bloody list to change, just so I could find out what me and my friends had been listening to that week. Haha. Uber dork alert! But, now, I'm not sure what to do with it all. It gets updated as you listen and I find myself checkin my page just to make sure the song I'm listening to is being "scrobbled" correctly. And the ipod gets scrobbled too. On a couple of occasions I have pressed the wrong button when asked if I want to scrobble my recent "listened to" ipod songs and been quite upset over losing a record of 100 songs. Hmmmm. And now you can "love" songs as well! I can keep a record of the songs I love. Damn you, internet.

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