Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Popfest has landed

The London Popfest kicked off on Thursday, with a bunch of bands playing at Brixton Jamm. Highlights of the evening were Let's Whisper and Pelle Carlberg.

Let's Whisper at Brixton Jamm, with Elizabeth Darling on uke duties.

Pelle Carlberg was awesome as usual. I'm still amazed at his bandmate managing to play drums, bass and harmonica at the same time.

Then last night the Popfest headed to the Buffalo Bar, with amazing gigs from Allo, Darlin, Betty & The Werewolves, Zipper and Tender Trap.
Betty & The Werewolves
More Zipper
Afterwards, there was dancing. Oh yes, there certainly was some dancing. 

I'm so tired I feel like dying. The only thing to do is to head down to the Macbeth for another ten hours of pop. Woooooo!

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